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sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

France warns Mexico over jailed French Criminal. A Letter to Madame Alliot-Marie.

France warned Mexico yesterday that a decision to keep Frenchwoman Florence Cassez in a Mexican prison for her involvement in a kidnapping she denies would weigh on bilateral relations.

You, Madame Alliot-Marie have said the rejection of an appeal that could have seen Cassez freed was a “denial of justice.”

“I am appalled by the court’s decision to back the judge’s decision on Florence Cassez,” you said in a statement.

“This decision 
will weigh on our bilateral relations.”

What bilateral realtions? You are a very confused woman.

Kidnapping is rampant in Mexico, a country in the grip of ruthless drug trafficking and organised crime groups, and victims are often murdered even after ransoms are paid.

Cassez’s lawyer in Mexico, Agustin Acosta, said the next step could be with the International Court of Human Rights. Please, allow me to loudly laugh [with no respect for those naÏf words].

You have said France would do everything to try and get Cassez released. EVERYTHING is a serious word. You are a Gaulliste. What are you planning?  To open a radio station at London until Cassez is released?

Florence Cassez is known in Mexico not only because of her involvement in the kidnapping lucrative industry, but also, for her extreme brutality, for the many acts of cruelty on her victims and, lately [after victim´s declarations and her own confession], for enjoying with their mutilations.  A range of acts that comes from apmutated members to cold killings, that includes to burn her victims [alive].

The ridiculos allegations of the very short [and CORNUTO CONTENTO] president Sarkozy as well as your own declarations, Madame, comes wraped in a very unpolite language.

Is it necessary to remaind you, Madame Foreign minister, what has happened every single time France attempted to pressure, even invade Mexico? Well, you have allways lost your heads against us.

Paris, please remember, can be taken by the simple act of walking in. Just go back in history.

More than that:  What makes you think that the very long arm of mexicans [not always the finest people] around the globe will not reach you or any one around you?

Live things as they are. Believe me: it is in your best interest. Or not. Maybe you enjoy to be hated by french politicians, tunisians, mexicans, egyptians, libanais...

By the way. your language does not rules anymore in our world. Next time use English language or Spanish [the main languages, along with Mandarin, that have been used around the world].  We will be thankful for your politeness.

I shall remember you to clean your own house first. Your Consul at my city, Monsieur Christian Collier de la Marliere [yes, with nobility titles and all that parafernalia] is a fugitive of justice because of his many illicit activities. The same applies to the most important french entrepeneurs in México, like monsieur Bailleres, a true public enemy.

Finally:  Warns?  Do you dare to warn?  Your two Napoleon´s Imperial Armies came here only to run like ashamed rabbits. That is an image I hope you will carry to your grave.

Sincerely yours,

Abraham Peña

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