martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

A Remarcable Curiosity: Georges Danton and his Head

"Danton's height was colossal, his make athletic, his features strongly marked, coarse, and displeasing; his voice shook the domes of the halls".

”With a gesture, the professor then directed our eyes to the right, indicating the human face made up entirely of muscles, nerves and cerebral tissue - this, he told us, was all that remind of Danton’s head which, as a consequence of remote events had become his property…

It seemed as though life once more inhabited this recently immobile remnant of faces. Certain muscles appeared to make the absent eyes turn in all directions, while others periodically went into action as if to raise, lower, screw up or relax there area of the eyebrows and forehead; but those of the lips in particular moved with wild agility, undoubtably due to the amazing gift of oratory that Danton once possessed.

(The words) were disjointed fragments of speech, once publicly uttered, and surged pell-mell from the pigeon holes of memory to be reproduced automatically on the lower part of the ruined mask. The intense twitching of the other facial muscles, likewise originating in the manifold recollections sent up from the depths of the past by certain climactic hours full of parliamentary activity, showed how expressive Danton’s hideous snout must have been on the platform.”

- Raymond Roussel’s Locus Solus.

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