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viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

A Present from @LulzSec...

. /$$ /$$ /$$$$$$ .| $$ | $$ /$$__ $$ .| $$ /$$ /$$| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$ \__/ /$$$$$$ /$$$$$$$ .| $$ | $$ | $$| $$|____ /$$/| $$$$$$ /$$__ $$ /$$_____/ .| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$$$/ \____ $$| $$$$$$$$| $$ .| $$ | $$ | $$| $$ /$$__/ /$$ \ $$| $$_____/| $$ .| $$$$$$$$| $$$$$$/| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$$$$$/| $$$$$$$| $$$$$$.$ .|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/ \_______/ \_______/ //Laughing at your security since 2011! + __ )| ________________________.------,_ _ _/o|_____/ ,____________.__;__,__,__,__,_Y...:::---===````// #anonymous |==========\ ; ; ; ; ; \__,__\__,_____ --__,-.\ OFF (( #anarchists `----------|__,__/__,__/__/ )=))~(( '-\ THE \\ #antisec \ ==== \ \\~~\\ \ PIGS \\ #lulzsec `| === | ))~~\\ ```"""=,)) #fuckfbifriday | === | |'---') #chingalamigra / ==== / `=====' ´------´ Presents... ##################### CHINGA LA MIGRA BULLETIN #1 6/23/2011 #################### We are releasing hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals, personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords belonging to Arizona law enforcement. We are targeting AZDPS specifically because we are against SB1070 and the racial profiling anti-immigrant police state that is Arizona. The documents classified as "law enforcement sensitive", "not for public distribution", and "for official use only" are primarily related to border patrol and counter-terrorism operations and describe the use of informants to infiltrate various gangs, cartels, motorcycle clubs, Nazi groups, and protest movements. Every week we plan on releasing more classified documents and embarassing personal details of military and law enforcement in an effort not just to reveal their racist and corrupt nature but to purposefully sabotage their efforts to terrorize communities fighting an unjust "war on drugs". Hackers of the world are uniting and taking direct action against our common oppressors - the government, corporations, police, and militaries of the world. See you again real soon! ;D ################################################################################ Steven G. Loya #6018 Highway Patrol Division Email: Password: corina Address: 8403 S. Navajo Drive Safford, Az 85546 Wife: Stephanie Loya ( Cell phone: 928-651-5629 Home phone: 928-428-1337 Horacio Lomeli #5871 Email: Password: hl85648 Address: 1920 W. Sunset Drive Nogales Arizona 85621 Cellphone: 520-470-9239 Charles D Springstun Jr #91027 Email: Password: amostex Address: 12415 E COMSTOCK FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004-0000 Home Phone: (928) 526-6837 Daniel Scott #6286 Email: Passwod: ps6286 Phone: 520-221-3332         Gary Ciminski #4675 Email: Password: 12345 Larry Parks Email: Pass: rosebud Edward Anderson Email: Password: tonopah [in@yourbox chingalamigra1] $ ls -R Charles_Springstun.txt Daniel_Scott.txt Edward_Anderson.txt Gary_Ciminski.txt Horacio_Lomeli.txt Steven_Loya.txt files/ files/(U-LES) 20070828 National Ferry Brief.ppt files/(U~FOUO) SIR_0208.pdf files/(U~~FOUO) HSA - Use of Common Precursor Chemicals to Make Homemade Explosives 08122010.pdf files/(U~~LES) HSA - Mexico Sonora-Based Threats to U.S. Border Security 08262010.pdf files/+_InvMDR.DOC.part files/+nv0Qa_D.doc.part files/0.25D4.gif files/0.268C.jpg files/0.344.gif files/01-04 The Truth.pdf files/021710 PPD HDB Intel.pdf files/03-19-10 Situational Awareness 2C VIP TICKET.pdf files/03-22 BORDER STAR Summary.pdf files/03-25-09 Situational Awareness Bulletin-CIAU.pdf files/030609 SUR-13 gang member initiation.pdf files/04.09.10 DLO Wkly Rpt 14.pdf files/04062010_0115_GardaArmoredCar.doc files/042910.doc files/05-07 - OST Liaison Briefing.ppt files/0576_001.pdf files/06-04-10 FBI IIR info.doc files/061511 PPD HDB Intel.pdf files/07001(Electronic). CIC.pdf files/072406.xls files/0729sb1070-bolton-ruling.pdf files/09-002 cell phones.pdf files/09-062 Bayer Asprin Mailer.pdf files/09-18-09 OSPB Letter to Agencies.pdf files/09.10.10 DLO Wkly Rpt 36.pdf files/090210.doc files/090609.doc files/090616.doc files/090811.doc files/090818.doc files/10 30 2008 FOD Mexican Cartel Activity.pdf files/10-03-08.doc files/100420.doc files/100427.doc files/100504.doc files/100808 TLO Intel.ppt files/100_0183.JPG files/100_0184.JPG files/1010 list.area6.doc files/10252010 OA trends report.pdf files/11-17.doc files/11-33.pdf files/12-31-10.xls files/12009 038 899.pdf files/16.4 Automated Leave Scheduling.pps files/19-feb-2010 034.jpg files/1st Quarter 2011.pdf files/2-25-11.xls files/2-4-2011 weekly SA.pdf files/2007 11 1-15.pdf files/2007-281 U S Marshals Service.doc files/2008 10 BV Final Report.pdf files/2008 gun log 1.doc files/2009007981Ayon397.4lbs.exe files/20090224_dea_bulletin.pdf files/20090301.pdf files/2009032139.pdf files/20091216_mic_outlook_no5_1_.pdf files/2010 INDIAN REGISTRATION FORM.doc files/2010 NPB Computer Report.doc files/2010-003 Morris.doc files/2010-02-0011_Countersurveillance Tactics.pdf files/2010-02-0015 Flat Screen Trend.pdf files/2010-044113.pdf files/2010010633MiscWpnsConnolly.doc files/2011 AZGIA Conference Flyer.pdf files/2011 Weapons Inspections.doc files/2011-000569 dver 963.doc files/2011-000569 dver.doc files/2011-2016 Revised Contract.doc files/2011002620Stanleykm17.doc files/2011002740.5871.doc files/20110104_(LES) STAC_Threat ofGang Infiltration to LawEnforcement Agencies.pdf files/2011020756DPS5871961a.pdf files/20110609_Situational Awareness Brief_Spice Concealment Method.pdf files/22009 038 899.pdf files/2C VIP TICKET.pdf files/3-11-2011 weekly SA.pdf files/3-25-2011 weekly SA.pdf files/3-9-10.doc files/3.21 Central Roster.xls files/3.21 District 7 Roster List.xls files/3.21 Roster List East.xls files/37 YEARS RICO 3.doc files/4-1-11.XLS files/4-6-10.doc files/4-8-2011 weekly SA.pdf files/4horn2011002.jpg files/4horn2011010.jpg files/5-6-11.xls files/6-10-2011 weekly SAB.pdf files/6-17-11.xls files/6-17-2011 weekly SAB.pdf files/6286 PAR.pdf files/7.2AA2.jpg files/8-31-10 Situational Awareness Bulletin-CIAU.pdf files/863845 BOLO Alien Smuggling via FedEx Truck .doc files/8NCwPPF_.xls.part files/9th Annual ICTOA Conference flyer 2011.pdf files/9th_Agenda_2011-1.pdf files/ACLU Racial Profiling Report.pdf files/ACTIC - Projected Increased Threat.doc files/AD08001 Arizona Oi Festival.pdf files/AD09002 Oi Fest II 2009.pdf files/AD09003 Oi Fest III 2010.doc files/AFGHAN1.xlsx files/AGFD Borderlands Hunting Season P5.pdf files/AGonzalez April 08.pdf files/AIMS proposal.doc files/ALERT A-11-001-LES.pdf files/ANewBreedofSuspect.doc files/AOL_Legal_Process_Nov 2010.pdf files/ASFC-0127-10 THREAT TO UNKNOWN SCHOOL.pdf files/ATF INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY Gulfport.pdf files/ATF PHOENIX FIELD DIVISION-M203-40mm Grenade Advisory.docx files/ATFE OMGs and the Military.pdf files/ATFE Southwest Border Strategy Project Gunrunner Weapons of Choice SW Border Weapons of Choice.pdf files/ATT8VLQH.pdf files/ATTQGFJL.htm files/ATTSICRI files/AZDPS LINK.doc files/Access Point.pdf files/Accident-02704.pdf files/AccidentNarrative(802-02704C-Back).pdf files/Agenda Law - Final print.doc files/Agenda Non Law - Final print.doc files/Al-Mobtakar.pdf files/Andersson Accounts.pdf files/Apache SO Lease.pdf files/April 7 2010 update.doc files/April2010_1_.doc files/April_201,_202010_OOSC_(U.S.)_(Green_Paper).pdf files/Aragon SW.doc files/Arizona Crash Report (DPS 802-02704).pdf files/Armoring Log.xls files/August 2010.doc files/BCIT POSITION IN SIERRA VISTA-BENSON-DOUGLAS AREA.doc files/BCS Assignments.doc files/BCS OPS Plan-final.doc files/BOLO 012910 2.doc files/BOLO 012910 3.doc files/BOLO Tarango Trucking (2).doc files/BOLO-09-092 Stolen GSA Plates.doc files/BOLO_gutierrez.enrique.pdf files/BRTF BULLETIN (Washington Federal 6895 W. Bell Road.doc files/BUREAU POSITION DUTIES REPORT.doc files/BUY WALK.doc files/BV advisory 11-21-2009.pdf files/BV situational assessment 20090708-1.pdf files/BV situational assessment 20090708.pdf files/Barth.pdf files/Benally IA info.doc files/Benally info.doc files/Beuden ops.doc files/Binder1.pdf files/BlackBinderUpdate4.pdf files/Blank Verizona AOL form.doc files/Border Guardian Ops Plan for Pima Jan22.doc files/Bowes rejection of probation.pdf files/Brochure on Nuclear Threat briefing for Phx UASI Region 091010.ppt files/Brochure on Nuclear Threat briefing for Tucson.ppt files/Bulletin - Developing Intel - Tucson (1) (1).doc files/Bulletin 2010-03-coin pushers.doc files/CAIU C081263 Virginia Inmate Claiming Responsibility for Rapes and Homicides.doc files/CBP-NFD Fund Raiser.docx files/CETF DISTRICT 3.doc files/CI Command Staff - Mtg Notes 3.9.doc files/CI08001 Subject with Warrant Possible attend Arizona Oi Festival.pdf files/CIA bike ride.pdf files/CIAC 08-076 LE Cyber Attack.pdf files/CIAC 11-141 BOLO SW Plaza Suspect.pdf files/CMV cheat sheet Nov 2007.doc files/CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT OF RECORD INFORMATION.blank.doc files/CRIME ALERT - 187 - 100604285.pdf files/CRIME ALERT 2009-0084.doc files/CVE Detail Form July 2010 saveable.pdf files/CVE opening.pdf files/CVEB Detail Sign In Sheet 01 13 2011.xlsx files/CYCLE9AND10.doc files/CYCLES11AND12.doc files/Calibre Press - Street Survival Seminar.pdf files/Camp Navajo Bldg 8 & Parking.jpg files/Camp Navajo Entrance_Hughes Ave.jpg files/Camp Navajo Exit 185.jpg files/Cartel leader threatens deadly force on U.S. police.docx files/CcwclassDPS.version12-4 legal text.pdf files/Cell Phone search affirmed 4th circuit.pdf files/Chapo Guzman Intell.doc files/Chase 5-2011.doc files/Checklist Revised 10-25-07.doc files/Cibola _Cigarette stash Bulletin~6267960-1.pdf files/Cibola _Cigarette stash Bulletin~6267960.pdf files/Circle K Gasoline Theft 43A-Camelback.doc files/Clb3GnIh.doc.part files/Cochise Co BOLO.pdf files/Cochise County GIITEM Intel Meeting06-18.doc files/Cochise Stronghold 2 Stat Sheet.xls files/Cold pack flyer.doc files/Combined SB 42 collection plan.doc files/Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.doc files/Consent To Search Requirements.doc files/Contract.pdf files/Copy of Copy of OSD stats70.xls files/Copy of Copy of Operation Safe Passage Stat Sheet.xls files/Court Phase-In Priority.xls files/Cover leter.rtf files/Covert Electronic Key Video camera 0809.pdf files/CrashDiagram(802-02704C-Front).pdf files/Crown Vic issue.pdf files/Crum ops for Bruce.doc files/Cyber-Security Toolbox Edition 3.pdf files/D-3 Roster List.xls files/D15 Roster 09.xls files/D3rosterCrts.doc files/D3rosterCrtss.doc files/D3rosterNOADD.doc files/D9 - Reorg Roster - 2011.doc files/D9Court INFO.doc files/DEA Narco-Terrorism I Mexico Drug Trafficking Organizations.pdf files/DHS CBP Carrier Information Guide.pdf files/DHS CBP EPIC Gang Intelligence Unit Language of the Cartels Narco Terminology Identifiers and Clothing Style.pdf files/DHS CBP EPIC Gang Intelligence Unit Nortenos.pdf files/DHS CBP How To Read a Mexican Voter Card.pdf files/DHS CBP The Nexus Report 9-04-10.pdf files/DHS Reference Aid Mexico The Sinaloa Drug Cartel.pdf files/DISTRICT OVERTIME FY2011.xls files/DOC052411-1.pdf files/DOC052411.pdf files/DOC091610.pdf files/DOC093008.pdf files/DOC093009.pdf files/DOC122910.pdf files/DPS Background Investigation Class 1-1-10 version.pps files/DPS Contact_1138000000716_08302010193250.pdf files/DPS.pdf files/DSC01572.JPG files/DSC01597.JPG files/DSC01598.JPG files/DSC01600.JPG files/DSC01602.JPG files/DSC02292.JPG files/DSCF2171.JPG files/DTOs.pdf files/DUI Abatement Report 2010.doc files/DUI Release HPD order.doc files/D___AZDPS__TDI__DOCS__TAMandSafeGroupAdd.doc files/Dan Johnson.doc files/Dept cutbacks 001.jpg files/Diplomatic Tags.doc files/Directions Flag-Camp Navajo.jpg files/District 1.JPG files/District 15 (Willcox) ASSIGNMENTS 01 13 2011.docx files/District 16 ASSIGNMENTS 01 13 2011.docx files/Division Staff Notes 06162011.doc files/Doc2-2.doc files/Doc2.doc files/Drug Stat Sheet.xls files/EB09-40.pdf files/EB10-67 Cocaine Concealed inside Metal Boxes in Front Seat of SUV.pdf files/EB11-41 US Highway Seizures on the EPIC Portal.pdf files/EB11-42 Liquid Meth in Large Beverage Containers.pdf files/EEOPolicyStatement.pdf files/ELABOGADO.pps files/EPIC Police Officer's Guide 10-01-09.pdf files/EXAMING THE JAKARTA ATTACKS.pdf files/East C&I List.xls files/Effect of Principle Elimination vs Smuggling March 2010.doc files/Eligibility 2010-2011.xlsx files/Emergency Response Speed Analysis.doc files/Essay2257473_3483859.docx files/Estate_Planning_Questionnaire.pdf files/Evaluating Threats 2008-2013.pdf files/Evaluation Form.doc files/Excel Version of Gang Card 2006.xls files/ExchangeSlip(802-01005).pdf files/Executive Branch Directory (03-04-2011).pdf files/FBI New Motorcycle Club Formed in Phoenix Arizona.pdf files/FBI OC TRNG.doc files/FBI Request for Public Assistance.pdf files/FBI Sovereign Citizen Extremists May Use Mock Peace Officer Identification Cards to Impersonate Law Enforcement.pdf files/FC 2009-0623 Chris Hayes Federal Warrant Bulletin.pdf files/FC20091253 Salt River Gang Violence Officer Safety.pdf files/FEMA Transcript Request1.doc files/FINAL ACTT Weekly- 100910.pdf files/FMCSA Account info.doc files/FO PPT 07162009.ppt files/FOP NOTES FROM WED 6-10-09.doc files/FY 2011 Grant Cycles.xls files/FatalSupplement(802-02705).pdf files/February_Chronicle_2009_1_.doc files/Final BV report Nov1 -30 2007.pdf files/Final Eval.doc files/Find my iPhone.pdf files/Fineman ops.doc files/Fingerprinting procedures.doc files/Firearms Training Unit meeting 05-26-11.ppt files/Flagstaff Hotels.jpg files/Flyer_2_.pdf files/GI08002-Sovereign-Militia Information.pdf files/GI10003 - SB1070 Protests & Civil Disobedience.pdf files/GIITEM tri fold - Hells Angels.pdf files/GISAC Militia Group May Attempt to Flood 911 Call Centers.pdf files/GLO2009TrainingAgenda_1_.doc files/GLO2009TrainingRegistrationForm_1_.doc files/GOHS DUI Reporting Worksheet.doc files/GOHS Reporting worksheet 052311.doc files/GOHS Reporting.doc files/ files/Gang Intelligence Bulletin 20100328_20100410.pdf files/Gangs and LE Targets.pdf files/Gavel-2011.wmv files/General Order Quiz.doc files/Graham County Plain Language.DOCX files/Graley Flyer.pdf files/HA Florence Prison Run Bulletin # 7.pdf files/HA-BOLO (3).doc files/HAMC funeral & prison run v3.pdf files/HOS.XLS files/HPD ORDER - Use of Electronic DEvices.doc files/HPD Residency Requirements.doc files/HSA-US Mexico Border-Record Number of Underground Tunnels Discovered in 2007, dated 19 February 2008.pdf files/HSRA - Hammerskin Nation, dated 09262008.pdf files/HSRA - National Socialist Movement, dated 26 September 2008.pdf files/HS_Online_Information_Sites_October_2009.doc files/Hand Out Powerpoint Cognitive Interview.ppt files/Hand Out Powerpoint Detection of Deception.ppt files/Hand Out Powerpoint Elements of Interrogation.pptx files/Hand Out Powerpoint Structure of Interiview.ppt files/Hand Out powerpoint Active Listening.ppt files/Hate in America Registration Form1.doc files/Hearing request form.doc files/Herrera SW ops.doc files/Herrera rely buy.doc files/Homeland Security Bulletin.pdf files/How Warren Jeffs was really captured..JPG files/ICE STRING FORMAT.doc files/ICR09008- Yuma Border Intelligence_Painted Bales.pdf files/ICR10006 Threats Against Arizona elected officials corrected.pdf files/ICR10006 Threats tAgainst Arizona elected Officials.pdf files/IMG.pdf files/IMG00015-20110518-1435.jpg files/IMG_0673.JPG files/IMG_0674.JPG files/IMG_0679.JPG files/IMG_0770.JPG files/IMG_4957.JPG files/IMG_4966.JPG files/IMG_4980.JPG files/IMPOUNDRELEASEINFO_1_.doc files/IN09002 Counter Surveillance at Demonstration Protest-Final.pdf files/IN09008 State DL Formats.pdf files/IN09012 07022009 ATL 2 MX Nationals Elster_Navarro.pdf files/IN09016 GIU Information Bulletin.pdf files/IN09022 Guerrero Yasmin PC for Arrest IIMPACT.pdf files/INTEL 09-085 Trailered Ultra Lights.doc files/INTEL-11-064 Meth Transport.pdf files/INTERDICTION ASSIGNMENTS 01 13 2011.docx files/INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT CRIT and CADRE3 6-09 (2).doc files/INTERPOL Orange Security Alert 2009-59-OS-CCC.PDF files/Illinois Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center BOLO Possible Narcotics Trafficking 10-05-10.pdf files/Impound Hearings_Casa Grande (SPA) 09050835Revised.doc files/Intel Chapo Guzman 01-26-2009.doc files/Interdiction Ops Plan Cycle 2 2011.doc files/Interdiction Squad Resume.doc files/Intoxilyzer Recert Training.pdf files/Investigating Drug-Related and Financial Kidnappings 0310.pdf files/Invitation to Grand Opening.pdf files/Invitation.pdf files/JAB Alert 61.pdf files/JAC Dec 2010 Monthly.pdf files/JAC Report December 15, 2010.pdf files/JHSA Al-Qaida Media Campaign and Overseas Activities Sustain Heightened Threat to Homeland,dated 28 September 2007.pdf files/JIOC 11-04-0002 Update.pdf files/JIOC 11-04-0011.pdf files/JULY2009colaboration.doc files/Jakarta Terrorists Posing as Couples.pdf files/Jan 4.doc files/January 2011 AHPA Notes.doc files/Jessica.doc files/Job Description OPCOOM.doc files/July 1 2011 Payday not paid early.pdf files/K2 Spice Article.docx files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 12, 2011.pdf files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 13, 2011.pdf files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 3, 2011.pdf files/KNR NEWS REPORT MAY 9, 2011.pdf files/Killer Implants.pdf files/Kopbusters LE Scam 0309.pdf files/L Parks - Pres Bush Photo.bmp files/LAPD TACOPS Volume 5 No 2.pdf files/LASD Request.pdf files/LE Report 021610.doc files/LE Report 021610a.doc files/LE Roadside Questioning.pdf files/LWOP Memo.doc files/Late Reports.doc files/Latta Officer Safety Alert.pdf files/Law EnforcementFF.docx files/Law ONLY Agenda 2009.doc files/Letter of Appreciation.doc files/Letter.pdf files/M1.2.jpg files/M2-2.gif files/M2-3.gif files/M2.gif files/M2.jpg files/MAGLOCLEN USSS Characteristics of the Armed Individual 2010.pdf files/MCAC Watch Section Bulletin # 1078 - Malicious Email.pdf files/MCAT-DGEU IGA Lance of 08 27 09.doc files/MEXICO - FIREFIGHTS ON THE BORDER.DOC files/MGT300 - MCATI Command Training Announcement.doc files/MOUApache SheriffRH.doc files/Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance (04270).pdf files/March_09.doc files/Master Warrant List Continued.doc files/May 12.doc files/Maza ops.doc files/McDonalds Off Duty Shooting 0910.doc files/MeasurementSupplement(802-02708).pdf files/Mexican Drug Cartels Briefing 1209.PDF files/Mexican Hitmen - It Was Better to Just Shoot Them 0211.doc files/Mixed Martial Arts & LE Defensive Tactics.pdf files/Monument Fire Daily Log.doc files/Monument Fire OPs PLan.doc files/Monument Fire Personnel Roster.doc files/Murray PID Lookout.pdf files/Muster ModuleC.pdf files/NAPA rules & guidlines, Sept 2005.DOC files/NARCOTRAFICANTES COLOMBIANOS - Graphic Warning.pdf files/NATION WIDE - Counterfeit License Plate Stickers.pdf files/NCB-NM Article and Current Events Monitor 8 - 15 April 2011.pdf files/NEBRASKA SP NEWS RELEASE.doc files/NIBIN Bulletin 05.doc files/NPB COMMANDER ACTIVITIES 2009.doc files/NPB DISTRICT STAFFING LEVELS.doc files/NPB Expectations.doc files/NPB Staffing Revised Reduction Plan.doc files/NYPD Active Shooter Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation.pdf files/NYSIC Concealment Handbook.pdf files/NYSIC Concealment Smartbook 2009.pdf files/Nationwide_HAMG_Information-1-1.PDF files/Nationwide_HAMG_Information-1.PDF files/Navajo Nation MOU w AG changes 5-16-11.DOC files/New Chem Lesson PP64.ppt files/New Findings from FBI about Cop Attackers _2_.pdf files/New Quarterly Form for Sgts..doc files/New SIMS Lesson PP.ppt files/New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings Reducing Inhere.pdf files/New weekly 2011.xls files/Nogales 2009 Schedule.xls files/Nogales 2011 Schedule Modified.xls files/Nogales 2011 Schedule Revised.xls files/Nogales Fingerprinting Guidelines.doc files/Non Law Enforcement Agenda 2009.doc files/Notes from FOP meeting 3-11-09.doc files/Notes from Sgt.doc files/Nxpcj92v.doc.part files/OAW 06212011.pdf files/OJGW4aFC.xls.part files/OPSG 05-09-09 (Santa Cruz).doc files/OPSG 05-23-09 (Santa Cruz).doc files/OPSG 12-03-09 (Santa Cruz).doc files/OPSG02-17-11 (Santa Cruz).doc files/OPSG02-18-11 (Santa Cruz).doc files/OPSG02-28-11 (Santa Cruz).doc files/OPSG03-28-11 (Cochise).doc files/OccupantSupplement(802-02712).pdf files/Officer Awareness - The Perils of Social Networking.pdf files/Officer Go-by.doc files/Officer Safety - Anthrax Cash 0209.pdf files/Officer Safety - Narc That Car.pdf files/Officer safety - undercover details.pdf files/Officer-vehicle inventory 05-05-11.xls files/Operation Agua Cercada Deployment.doc files/Operation Safe Driver - 100810.doc files/Operation Safe Driver April 12-13, 2011.doc files/Operation Safe Passage - 06-13-10.doc files/Operation Safe Passage - Border Guardian May 27,2011.doc files/Operation Safe Passage Stat Sheet.xls files/Operations Plan for Border Violence Patrols.rtf files/Outbound Cycle 2 2011.doc files/Outbound Feb11.doc files/Outside Vest Carriers.doc files/Overtime Pay Request Form.xls files/PCSD Intel Alert 090530146.pdf files/POLICE DISTRICT-SUBSTATIONS-SOUTHWEST NAVAJO NATION.doc files/PSPRS Retiree Rtn to Wk Affidavit .doc files/PTE DC Memo.doc files/Patriot Report 2126-07.rtf files/Peerlist.doc files/Person of Interest.ppt files/Peters Flat 001.jpg files/Phasing out the Ford Crown Vic.doc files/Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation FINAL (2).pdf files/Polar Conversions.xls files/Position Proposal.doc files/Pow Wow Lunch Registration.doc files/Public Safety Benefits Discussion.doc files/PurchAna.doc files/QTLY ENFORCEMENT SUMMARY.xls files/Qual Course DRAFT - 2-16-11.pdf files/RAND_Securing America's Passenger Rail.pdf files/REPORT EXAMPLE.doc files/RFI11002.doc files/RFP iXP Commitment rev062111.docx files/RIFLESTOCK2011.pdf files/ROIC NJ Common Operating Picture 9-21-10.pdf files/ROTATION.SCHEDULE.doc files/Racial Profiling Draft Report.pdf files/Racial Profiling.docx files/Radical Islamist Tattoos 0210.pdf files/Read Only Sup Instructions.doc files/Reference Log.xls files/Regional Emergency Communications Study.docx files/Release of DUI Suspect.doc files/Requesting use of DPS freq..pdf files/Resume.doc files/Right-Wing Extremists Part 1.wmv files/Robustness of HGN Sept 2007.pdf files/Ron Kopcik1.vcf files/Ruff Ryders Bulletin 12.pdf files/S1050371.jpg files/S1050375.jpg files/SA110013 - Death of Osama Bin Laden.pdf files/SCAVB_001.jpg files/SCCMTF-COS-Jan2011.pdf files/SCCMTF-COS-Sep2010.pdf files/SECURE OUR BORDERS NOW.PDF files/SIR 20090515-locator service (2).pdf files/SIR_Honeypots.pdf files/SO09018 Officer Safety Fetters.pdf files/SO09019 ICE ASAC Douglas Officer Saftey Bulletin.pdf files/SO10001 MCCLELLAND SAB.pdf files/SO9006 New Guidelines for Indoor Grow Operations_WMD HazMat Final.pdf files/SO9009 Zetas Order Mules.pdf files/SPRINGSTUN.pdf files/SSN_Facts (2).pdf files/STICDIN060509 - Gang Members Purchasing Specialty Plates.pdf files/San Diego County DA's Office Financial Crimes Contacts List February 2011.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Professional.pdf files/San Diego LECC Cross-Border Kidnapping Threat Assessment.pdf files/Save the Date - Sheriff.pdf files/Se Busca (2).doc files/Seat Check Event Info.doc files/Sergeants Meeting notes April 6th.doc files/SpectorSoft_ChatLingoGuide.pdf files/Spike Deployment Gone Bad.wmv files/Springstun, Dave.xls files/Staff Notes10-28.doc files/Stats 1st Quarter 2011.xls files/Steven_McBride.txt files/StolenGovtPlates.doc files/Strategic Report - Anarchy 28NOV08 FINAL.doc files/Street Slang.pdf files/Summit Email.pdf files/Summit Letter.pdf files/Supplement 963 11-003100.doc files/Supplement 963 11-004035.doc files/Surveillance Detection for CI.doc files/TCA-09-06-0005_OfcSfty_StormingPOE.pdf files/TCA-09-07-0001_Large#Zetas_ABLvsJAV.pdf files/TCA-09-09-0001_NOG_DTO_Violence.pdf files/TCA-10-01-0003_Nogales Violence.doc files/TCA-10-02-0002_OFC-Safety-1.pdf files/TCA-10-02-0002_OFC-Safety.pdf files/TCA-10-02-0003_Nogales-Puerto Penasco Violence.doc files/TCA-10-04-0009_Conerned-Citizen.pdf files/TCA-10-05-0017_LEA Intel Gathering Advisory.pdf.pdf files/TCA-10-06-0003_Current Smuggling Methods.pdf files/TCA-10-08-0003_Info-Adv_Confirmed Shootout Nogales.pdf files/TCA-11-0200023.pdf files/TCA09030001_SignificantSeizure_Firearms.pdf files/TIC Cards ACTIC ~ ver1.pdf files/TRAPSTER.doc files/TVHSJV.pdf files/TVHSVarsity.pdf files/TVR 2.24.10.pdf files/Tactical Crime Analysis Class.pdf files/Tactical Human Tracking Techniques 0608.pps files/Tampa Police Department How A Suspect Defeated the Cruiser Lock to Escape.pdf files/Tattoo.jpg files/Tearline.pdf files/Terry Candlelight Vigil.doc files/TheBibleDV.pps files/Top 10 websites for investigators.pdf files/Torreon Murder.doc files/ files/ files/Townsend Bulletin final.pdf files/Tracs needing to be fixed.doc files/TrafficAccidentForm(802-02704)_1_.pdf files/Tribal DUI Code.doc files/TruckBusSupplement(802-02710).pdf files/Tucson HA Event.pdf files/Tucson Seminar 2011 Final.pdf files/U of C focus groups letter.docx files/UASI 01192011 Bulletin.pdf files/UASI 01312011 Bulletin.pdf files/UASI 04112011 Bulletin.pdf files/UASI 04252011 Bulletin.pdf files/UASI 06092011 Bulletin.pdf files/UASI 09102010 Bulletin.pdf files/UASI TPD IT-Hizbollah 20092010.doc files/URIAS HDEZ. URIEL FELIPE.docx files/URIAS HERNANDEZ URIEL FELIPE.jpg files/US Army Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs).pdf files/US DOJ Law Enforcement Telephone Investigations Resource Guide Cellular Satellite VoIP Phone Providers11.pdf files/US Map 2010 edition.pdf files/USAF OSI Criminal Intelligence Bulletin New Unregulated Psychoactive Substances Marketed as Bath Salts.pdf files/USBDC 08-09 _First Resp Awareness Bulletin--Paintball and Airsoft Grenades_ _2_ _5_.pdf files/Unkown sticker.jpg files/Updated Pam Model.xls files/Use of Portable Electronics in Patrol Vehicles.doc files/Utilization of Personal Cell Phones For Evidence.doc files/VTI OPS PLan,Sonoita.doc files/Verizon procedures.pdf files/Vigilance1.ppt files/WIC_-_Investigative_Opportunity_(Rental_Car_Databases)_-_Feb_2010_(LES)_1_.pdf files/WSIC Daily Brief 10-19-2009.pdf files/WSIC Daily Brief 11-02-2009.pdf files/WW30mm.wmv files/Wagner SW.doc files/Waiver Class 6 Felonies.pdf files/Wallow Fire Deployment 6-10-11.doc files/Walters 5-2011.doc files/War Stories Investigates.doc files/Weekly Status 11-25-10.doc files/Wills For Heros.doc files/Winchester Product Warning and Recall Notice Ranger Law Enforcement 223 Remington 64 Grain Power-Point Revised 6-01-11.pdf files/Wisner 5-2011.doc files/WitnessStatement(802-01050).pdf files/beg 16.4 stats 3-31-11.xls files/bevparksgraduation.jpg files/border guardian 03 18 11.doc files/bulletin 171-10.pdf files/cCYlDVnJ.doc.part files/concern.pdf files/copps and daryles new years eve party 002.jpg files/copps and daryles new years eve party 003.jpg files/crime capture.doc files/d.t..doc files/detecting concealed weapons.ppt files/disguised_weapons_index.pdf files/district photo 4-11-07-1.pdf files/district photo 4-11-07.pdf files/edwardandersoninventory files/fallenangel.pdf files/gang lite_houston press August 16 2007.pdf files/gang_book-full 1 .pdf files/guardrail.doc files/hate flyer.doc files/i3LzGlR5.xls.part files/ib-cid-20100203a-ufouo1.pdf files/image001.jpg files/iphone apps- used against officers.doc files/jobopeningresumead_1_.doc files/judge contact list.xls files/julymtg..doc files/justiceinmexico-january2010news-report011910.pdf files/kPYBYx1q.doc.part files/larryparkscontributions0.344.gif files/looks like batman symbol.jpg files/october.2010.doc files/office staff 4-11-07.pdf files/oops.wmv files/ops plan 01 18 2011.docx files/order.xls files/passport_info.pdf files/phoneroster.doc files/phoneroster2.doc files/pic29358.jpg files/projected.doc files/ps2598.txt files/purple drank.pdf files/retirees.doc files/scan0005.jpg files/sebuscaFA1 (2).pdf files/simunition injury.doc files/skills roster.doc files/skimmer_presentation_v1_230109_ppt_1__01.pdf files/squadroster2.doc files/stonegardenopsplan 05 12 11.doc files/stop stick.xls files/tag_20081015.doc files/tag_20091014.doc files/tag_20091118.doc files/tag_20091216.doc files/terrorism handbook.pdf files/tser discharge memo 09-25-09.doc files/vbJh25hA.doc.part files/voucher.doc files/voucher2.doc files/wallow fire.doc files/wallow fireD-2.doc files/wallowfireupdatejune101800.pdf files/wanted.doc files/warrant list.doc files/weekly 06-11-11 to 06-17-11.xls

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