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D R E W • F R I E D M A N



Flip•O•Vision produced back in 1949 by the TOPPS company, was a set of 60 flip books that each made a mini movie. Inside each elongated 5¢ pack contained a booklet with 30 perforated pages folded like an accordion and a stick of bubblegum. The pages had to be separated and then bound together with a rubber band to be used as a "flip movie". The subjects featured in the "mini productions" consisted of various performers, famous and obscure comedians, singers, movie actors, radio performers, etc, all  performing their various mute schtick. "Flip•O•Vision was most likely named by the legendary Woody Gelman, head of product development at TOPPS, to cash in on the newfangled invention called television (a TV set is even featured on the wrapper). Unfortunately for TOPPS, television sort of caught on, Flip•O•Vision, which might have seemed like a good idea at the time, did not. They've since become highly sought out by collectors of vintage bubblegum cards and film memorabilia.

Flip•O•Vision front
a Flip•O•Vision title card
Original store ad
The Flip•O•Vision box
box side view
the wrapper
Check list
Topps publicity photo
The complete Harpo Marx "Bubble Smoke" Flip book
Harpo and a young Marilyn Monroe, who had a bit part in their current film "Love Happy"
Chico's turn with Marilyn
Various Flip•O•Vision fronts...

And some additional title cards...

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