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domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Rennie Ellis Photography

Working Girl, Kings Cross, 1970 - 71

Union Jack, Lorne c.1968

MC Paradise Club, Kings Cross, 1970 - 71

The Gang, Windsor 1976

Cosmetics Salesgirl, Toorak Rd c.1970

Auntie Mame, Kings Cross 1970 – 71

Red Baron Regulars, Kings Cross, 1970 - 71

American serviceman and friend, Kings Cross, 1970-71

Go-go dancer dancing with customer, Kings Cross Robert McFarlane, 1965 

Morning Devotion, 1992 

My Son Josh Learns to Swim, 1972

Carol with Feather Boa c.1966 

Lady Medina, 1977 

Essendon Fans, Grand Final, MCG 1984

Renee Prahran, 1993 

Australian Graffiti Revisited, Windsor 1979 

Lady Punters, Melbourne Cup 1970 

Night People, Middle Park 1975

Spring Lunch, 1992

Stephanie Flashes 1980 

Private Meeting, Kings Cross 1970-71

Jim Cairns, Confest, French Island 1980

Handball, New York, 1976

Marxism and Leninism, North Carlton 1974 

Nymphs and Dog, Leongatha Vic., 1980

Fitzroy Extrovert, 1974

Flaked out, Rolling Stones Concert, Kooyong 1973 

Pad with a View, Kings Cross 1970-71

The Bee Gees, Kings Cross 1970-71 

Jude's Tongue, 1978 

Mick Jagger, Kooyong 1973

Tattoo Girl, Kings Cross 1970-71

Between Strips, Kings Cross 1970-71

Snake Woman, Kings Cross 1970-71

Carlotta & Electra, Kings Cross 1970-71

Golden Orchid, Kings Cross 1970-71

US Serviceman & Girls, Kings Cross 1970-71

Martin Sharp, Yellow House, Kings Cross 1970-71

Midnight Show, Kings Cross 1970-71

Cat Lady, Kings Cross 1970-71

Property of Hells Angel #2, Kings Cross 1970-71

Waiting to cross, Sydney 1973

Italian waiters and staff, Mamma Maria Bar 1971

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