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How come everyone has suddenly awoken to the Syrian condition ? What has happened that Syria is now occupying the central attention , has it become a Super power? Has it produced the nuclear bomb ? Has it invaded another country or launched war against someone ,? Has it made a big discovery? Has it conquered outer space ? What has happened that Syria is now the most important country on the planet ,? Is this normal? I am asking if this is normal when half the world population is starving , when Iraq is still occupied, when US drones daily kill Pakistani and Afghani children , and when Israel has annexed almost all of Jerusalem and the west bank and shelling daily Palestinians in Gaza., Is this something normal that Assad figures as the world tyrant ? is it ? no, Is it that Bashshar al Assad has turned suddenly into the source of all the ailments we suffer from , is it that the world has gone crazy and people lost all common sense . The truth is that this is one of the ugliest media campaigns accompanied by the greatest conspiracy that ever targeted a country, one of those conspiracies uncle Sam has practiced long enough in Latin America and around the world that seeks simply at destabilizing a country and weakening it in order to assault it , it is as simple as this .

Assad is a president equal to any president , all presidents are somehow similar , there is nothing abnormal about him or about his behavior , his country is under attack from armed thugs who have been introduced from neighboring countries and provided with arms smuggled from Lebanon . some others have been hired on the ground according to the testimony of trustworthy journalists . Assad is defending his country , any country confronting armed thugs would have done the same , if the protesters were people asking for democratic changes they would have been satisfied with the list of reforms the president has adopted and that grant many liberties to citizens but no, the armed thugs are not satisfied because they do not want reforms , they want to create chaos and a change that is favorable to the western countries.

More than 3 billion dollars have been spent on this military assault on Syria plus 8 millions on the media campaign alone , of course Syria is not the haven of democracy but so is US and Europe , they are not havens of democracy either , they are imperialist countries abusers and usurpers of others , Syria is a good country , with a good president and the majority of the people is supportive of him and this very few people know, most people want Assad to rule except for those who are being paid to take to the streets and protest ; all this havoc would have stopped had Assad accepted the US deal to stop allowing heavy missiles to reach Hizbullah across Syria . This was the condition for all foreign interference to stop which Assad refused .This is the chore of the matter , no democracy no nothing , the attack on Hizbullah who defeated Israel is meant. This is supposed to work hand in hand with the accusation issued by the International Court against resistance freedom fighters.

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